Neyma Jahan - Founder of Unification

Neyma Jahan - Founder of Unification

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About this episode

Neyma Jahan is the Founder of Unification, a distributed ledger technology designed specifically for real-world enterprise and consumer adoption. Unification uses a hybrid public/private blockchain design to enable easy integration into existing commercial and enterprise uses.

Unification's Website:

Unification's Whitepaper:

Neyma's Medium:


What to listen for

  • What makes Unification so powerful for enterprise use.
  • Why Neyma is not trying to create another Bitcoin or Ethereum.
  • How his previous experience in Enterprise technology led him to blockchain.
  • How he got into the market in 2018 and what he thinks about tokens.
  • How he started the company and why he's working in Thailand.

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